Anthony Nicholl


Anthony Nicholl is a resident of Ancaster whose motivation and drive is exceptional.  Any issue big or small, Anthony is determined to accommodate the needs of the community.

He is here to listen.  He is here to act on your behalf.  He is here to get things Done!  Anthony’s goal is to ensure his community continues to grow and thrive as an integral part of Hamilton.  He is dedicated to collaborating with community organizations, local development projects, sports and recreational groups,  and schoolP21042TA212898_p_7s.  Anthony is ready to hear your concerns and have your voice heard in council.

Anthony is a loving husband and father of three; Edward who is 6 years old, 5 year old Michael and 3 year old Emily.  He enjoys taking his children to the park and recreation classes.

With over 15 years experience in the telecommunications industry, Anthony has a strong background in business and technology which he continues to apply throughout his career.

Anthony Nicholl looks forward to helping and collaborating with you!

Isn’t it time for some change?


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